Unlock Greater Impact with an Axle Masterclass

Everyone wants to communicate with greater impact. The Axle Masterclass is built for anyone prepared to take a step back and look at the bigger picture they are telling in the way they communicate. It is for people truly prepared to challenge themselves to think differently and stand out — but most of all, cut through the noise and be remembered.

Each Masterclass is built upon the 9 principles in the Axle Impact Framework, each providing an important filter with which to structure your story, clarify your message, and take your audience on a journey they will remember and respond to. The session includes tools and methodology for constructing your message, tips for knowing how to communicate your message visually in a way that connects, and a chance to have personal input into your current project.

The Axle Masterclass experience is intentionally designed to be hands-on and collaborative, so please be prepared for other participants to see your content.

Upcoming Axle Masterclasses

What people are saying…


“It marries the power of narrative with the clarity of simplicity.”

— Steve (Participant)


“The Method is clear and helpful, especially the pieces around purpose and connection.”

— Stephen (Participant)


“Engaging and useful ... a great method.”

— Ian (Participant)