Branding & Identity

Axle Creative are leaders in branding and visual identity. If you are looking to re-brand your business, evolve and strengthen an existing brand, or build an entirely new brand from scratch, we have the insight, expertise and experience to deliver a comprehensive visual identity suite that is iconic, flexible, and a natural extension of the vision, values and foundation of your business.

Logo Design

A well-designed logo authentically brings your brand vision and values to life whilst also building trust and connection with your audience.


Brand Graphics

Brand Graphics are often the building blocks of template design, and expand the your toolkit for storytelling through your visual identity.


Typography is the way in which fonts are used to shaping your brand’s voice and personality. They must take into account a myriad of use cases, including print and digital applications, and large and small sizes.


A company’s colour palette brings life and expression to a brand. A palette includes background colours and accent colours, and provides guidance on how to combine them together and best use scenarios.