Whether presenting to clients or delivering a keynote address, presentation design and storytelling can make all the difference. We are experts in not only designing powerful slides for maximum impact, but in shaping the story and narrative of the presentation, helping provide focus and clarity for your content, and coaching the delivery of the presentation as well.

Slide Design

You deserve a slide-deck that matches your professionalism, visual identity and authority in your subject matter. We craft slides that are both a natural extension of your brand, and focused on delivering your content as clearly and memorable as possible.


Custom Graphics

Once the overall design is in place, specific slides need memorable graphics. Whether it is through illustration, infographics or diagrams, we can create and source the graphics that will make your message as powerful as possible.


Storyboard Sessions

The structure and sequence of your presentation is vital — often it is the key difference between average and exceptional. We facilitate the process of workshopping and sequencing your presentation to have a natural flow and rhythm for storytelling.


Delivery Coach

Our fundamental belief for presentations is that nothing matters more than the way your presentation is delivered. We are experts in coaching body-language, eye contact, use of voice and language, and how to make the most of the stage.