Visual Identity Services

Your logo speaks to why you are in business in the first place: your culture, your values, your ethos, and your customer experience. It builds upon where you have been as a company — your story so far, as it were — but most significantly speaks to where you are headed in the future. A well-designed strategy for your overall visual identity will encapsulate the value, confidence and feelings about your brand that your customers, clients and audience hold and remember.

At Axle Creative, we have the expertise and experience to design a visual identity that will serve as one of your core business assets. It will include a logo that represents not only your brand’s personality, values and ambitions, but will stand the test of time to be evolving, adapting and growing naturally with your company’s needs, strategy and direction.

Our brand and identity offering is comprehensive, meaning we offer services such as product naming, managing the process of trademark registration and administration, as well as tasks such as licensing corporate fonts and creative assets.

Logo Design

A great logo is simple, distinctive, and reflects your brand's vision and personality. We will craft a logo that best serves your needs. Our expertise covers a range of formal and informal styles, and can accommodate wordmarks, icons, or any other specific style or element you may require.

We provide your finished logo in a range of file types (EPS, JPG, PNG and SVG), meaning they are ready to use for any project or situation. We will prepare your logo for your social media profiles, and make the transition as smooth and seamless for you as possible.

Every logo we design comes with a brief, one-page overview that lets other professionals know how to ensure your logo always looks top-notch. Style Guides includes information about spacing, colours, variations, and typography, and all the codes and technical information another designer or contractor may require.

Style Guide

A clear and concise style guide lays the foundation for a consistent brand voice and a strong visual identity. The style guide will be delivered in PDF format, making it easy to distribute to employees, designers and third parties.

Our expertise includes font selection and licensing, and are able to make suggestions based on budget and requirements. The style guide can also include alternatives and font pairing suggestions.

Colour management can sometimes be tricky, so we provide colour codes that help specify exactly the right colour every time, including HEX, CMYK, RGB and Pantone.

A strong visual identity has a whole library of templates and graphics, including business cards, letterheads, and presentations. Including them documents in your style guide helps manage their use and ensure you are always presented professionally.


Simple Logo Design


Brand Discovery Session

2 concept drafts

1 final design

1-page style guide

Social-ready logo files

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Comprehensive Logo Design


Brand Discovery Session

4 concept drafts

1 final design

5-page style guide

Social-ready logo files

Business stationery designs

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Bespoke Logo Services

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Custom style guides

Environmental graphics

Brand templates

Brand image library

Trademark protection

Brand transition workshops

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