Axle Creative

 About Axle Creative

Driven by Purpose

Purpose of Vision

We are a company who sees the world for what it could be. We are set on doing all we can to build the company of our dreams, and be a catalyst proactively igniting transformation and positive change. We are unapologetically idealistic, audaciously bold in what we believe can be achieved, and ruthlessly willing to do things differently in order to see that transformation emerge.

Purpose of Impact

Everything that we do is centred on impact… greater impact, that grows, inspires and empowers. We seek to do everything within our power and sphere of influence to equip people to better understand their goals and objectives; to more courageously use and understand the creative tools within their reach; and to grow their abilities, capacity, and knowledge. This purpose drives us to be constantly be pushing our creativity in order to expand our ability to be generous, productive, and put as much of ourselves and our humanity into our work, every day.

Purpose of Significance

We do not seek to have a small impact — neither on the business world nor the world beyond. We seek holistic, pervasive, sweeping transformation that is notable, significant, and above all, full of greater meaning and calling. As part of this company, we are unashamedly ambitious in what we are seeking to enable, and the personal growth required continuously to enable that to happen.

Thriving on Culture

Culture of Growth

Culture is the beginning, middle and finale of all that we do as a company. It is a culture of growth and development, both in ourselves and in our clients. We seek an audience for whom the idea of transformation and development is second-nature — they are hungry, disquiet in the status quo, and seeking change from the heart of their organisations.

Culture of Leadership

Leadership is expected of every person, at every point. Whether that is leadership of self, leadership of a team, or leadership of the company — every person who makes up Axle Creative is on a journey of leadership development that will never end. Each person is entrusted with the mantle to grow and seek transformation, and equipped with the tools and resources to make that happen. This is in the very nature of our culture, and the truest part of who we are as a company.

Culture of Trust

Our greatest value — in our people and in our clients alike — is trust. If at any point that trust is questioned or challenged, we seek to heal and restore the relationship and do all we can to make amends. Trust form our clients is the greatest payment they can offer, and trust is the ultimate guide post in making decisions and evaluating consequences. The trust of our clients is hard-earned and irreplaceable, and we will act like it every single day.

Delivering Transformation

Transformation of Vision

We cannot sit still and remain content with the vision we have now, and will always seek to expand it, increase it, and make it as vast and far-reaching as we can. We choose to go after the moon in scale and scope of the vision we bring, and understand the role of renewing and reenergising that vision constantly, every single day. Vision is our compass, and we will re-calibrate it at every opportunity to ensure it is sharp and on point.

Transformation of People

Our people are our greatest asset, and always will be. Whether they are with us for a short while or a long while, we will invest in developing them, growing them, and resourcing them in their development both personally and professionally. In our customers and clients we seek to build products and services that are weighted to be intentionally personal, for we believe that companies and brands are only as strong as the people behind them, shaping them and recreating them.

Transformation of Capabilities

Coaching, training — equipping, empowering; new skills are essential, and the especially in a world that is changing faster every day. But the bedrock principles of greater impact do not change, only our own capabilities to implement them. We may be a creativity-fuelled businesses, but it is the individual capacities and capabilities that set us apart and enable that change.


Michael Harris
Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Michael Harris is the driving force behind Axle Creative – Principal Consultant, Chief Creative Officer, and master visual story-teller. He brings over 15 years of expertise and leadership in visual communications across both corporate and non-profit sectors, including brand marketing, art direction, editorial, digital strategy, print collateral, content marketing, user experience, and information architecture.

Michael’s experience in communications and branding makes him a uniquely qualified facilitator and coach, as well as a highly accomplished visual communicator and writer.

Michael is author of the Axle Impact Method, an exclusive framework to help clarify your message, evaluate and strengthen your communications strategy, and provide a robust toolkit to bring that strategy to life.