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Michael Harris is a uniquely qualified consultant and coach. His experience and expertise combine business strategy, brand strategy, communications, and content development to deliver a holistic, integrated approach to business growth and professional development.

Michael brings energy, empathy and capacity to his work, relishing the opportunity to engage businesses across a diverse range of industries and audiences.

Michael founded Axle Creative with a bold vision to equip and empower businesses, brands, leaders, thinkers, creators and visionaries to have an even greater impact on their world through clarity, consistency and charisma in the way they communicate.

Michael is the architect of the exclusive Axle Impact Method framework and toolkit, which forms the core of our coaching, consulting and training products. AIM was authored over a series of years with rigorous testing and development.

Formal Qualifications

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Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship

UTS Business School, Sydney

Graduate Diploma in Graphic Communication

RMIT University, Melbourne

Bachelor of Media (Hons)

Macquarie University, Sydney

“I am extremely proud of the impact my work through Axle Creative has been able to achieve – empowering clients to have an even greater impact and amplifying their vision further than and more vividly.”




Michael Harris