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Brand Notes: Customer Service

The other day I witnessed an example of excellent customer service that I wanted to share as inspiration.

At Axle Creative, we use a co-working space in North Sydney for our office, and recently, a member of the customer care team for the building appeared at the door with a brand new breadknife. It turned out that a fellow office-mate had mentioned that a breadknife would be useful in our shared kitchen, and the team responded quickly. That was not the remarkable part – that’s just being responsive. The next morning, however, the same person appeared once again at the door… this time holding a loaf of artisan bread as a gift. Incredibly simple, but truly above and beyond what we expected or even imagined as the outcome.

Sometimes the most meaningful and lasting moments for your customers and clients have nothing to do with your core service. It always comes back to making people feel genuinely connected and valued in unexpected ways.

My challenge to you is this: who can you deliver a metaphorical loaf of artisan bread to this week? It could be a hand-written thank you note when you ship an order, or a personal phone call to check-in with a client before an important meeting you know is coming up.

Business is about connection, no matter what it is you sell. A genuine connection makes all the difference.

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