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Performing a quick brand story health check will give you an idea of things that need to be adjusted. These questions are designed to highlight where your brand story needs attention, and start you thinking about strategy to change the answers. There is no one correct solution (every brand is different) – but if the answers is no to any of them, action to change is needed.


When someone interacts with your brand, will the next interaction be a similar experience? Is there visual consistency in everything you create? Do you use the same language on your website as when someone phones you? Are your staff friendly and helpful every time they answer the phone?


Does your brand have a point-of view? Is your visual style distinctive? Do you use deliberate words and language when communicating? If you changed your logo on something you publish to a competitors logo, would anyone notice?


Do you have an audience? Are people responding and coming back? When you post an article on your company blog, is anyone reading it, sharing it, or coming back the next time?


Do people interacting with your brand for the first time understand who you are and what problem you solve in under 5 seconds?


Are you listening to what your audience is already saying. Are they writing comments in email? Are there posts on Twitter or Facebook you can access? What is the mood and response of people walking into your offices?

Human interaction

Are your people positive, proactive, and focused on finding a solution? Whether it is by phone, email, or in person, do your customers feel like your staff are fighting for them, not against them?

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